:.:Minty Meshness!

So..to my second post.  This look didn’t take toooo look to create (if you disregard the number of crashes where X marked the spot to snap a pic.  Meh..but I managed to salvage a couple of piccies so here they are! Excuse me while I go pour myself a drink.

Anyway…where was I? Oh yes..the ever popular boho look is a firm favorite of mine and many others..and this simple Long Mesh Maxi Dress in mint from Aura is a great example of this casual no fuss styling. If you aren’t in the Aura Group,  do join..the $1,100 join fee is worth the hit for the wonderful previews you will receive in return!


*SUMMER SUN Long Maxi Dress in Mint + Spirited Boho Bag @ Aura ($ Join fee)

*DAISY Shape @ :.:Fudge:.:

*Helena Skin in Paper  @ Aura (Group Gift $Join Fee)

*Peachie Matt Lipstain @ :.:Fudge:.: (Group Gift-Check Notices)

*Emily Necklace  @ Concrete Flowers

*DayDream Hair @ Ploom (Previous Collab88 Offer*)

*Frivolity Pose @ ZZANG Poses

JellyBeans x


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