:.: Miss American Pie with SAKIDE*

My very first blog post! And hello there!

Now here is a brand I have loved like forever. SAKIDE not only creates the most adorable, up-to-the-minute stylish clothing which make your pixels sparkle, but many of her designs are also super affordable too!

I have picked up many of her Hunt gifts which have become the staple of my SL wardrobe. She also has a variety of special items on special offer..like this White US Mesh Dress which you will find in the TOSL event.


*US Dress in White @ SAKIDE

*Daisy Shape @ :.Fudge:.:

*Berlin Skin in Paper @ Aura

*Pink Matt Lipstain @:.:Fudge:.: (Group Gift-check Notices!)

*Moelleux Hair in Blonde @ DeLa

*Hair Flower @ Izzie’s (Gatcha)

*Pose @ :.:Fudge (Group Gift)

JellyBeans x


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