Pretty Zoe Shape* @ :.:Fudge:.: (New!)

Hi! How the weekend has flown! I snuck into SL this morning  and created an awesomely pretty shape called ZOE Shape @ :.Fudge.:!

This is an adorable, curvy shape and comes in 2 Styles (Petite & and Curvier/Taller* Versions).  Cute shape which suits most quality skins, but I especially love Zoe in the latest Pink Fuel Skin! (Alena).

I styled the look a little vintage-y (no surprises is my favorite look!).

Please check out the credits below:


*Zoe Shape @ :.Fudge.: (New! $399)

*Pearl Caramel Eyes @ Poetic Colors (Gift!New!)

*Hair by Exile in Moonlight @ TDR (Special Limited Offer-New! )

*Pink Lippy Matt Stain @  :.Fudge.: (Group Gift-Check Notices)

*Saffron Floral Dress (Mesh) @ Exclusivy (New!)

*Hair Flower @ Izzie’s (Gatcha –  Tinted Pink)


Thank you!

JellyBeans xx





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