:.: Ice cool Popsicle

Slurp* Love Popsicles!  Been so hot today I have been craving them so much!

Earlier I made a Child Shape for a Plurk pal and when I asked her what skin she used she said Mynerva.  Thanks to Tristan, I am thrilled to have re-discovered Mynerva!

I confess I always thought they were a  little too young & quirky for me but I absolutely love this Little Milena skin Dotty Blush (released quite some time ago but you can still snag it as a Group Gift).  Little modest join fee but plenty other goodies there too!   I find on a non-child shape..this skin is absolutely adorable & fresh looking.

The Milena Dotty Blush skin is very base (aside from the white spots on the cheek, so perfect if you love adding tattoo layers.  I added two lippies in fact :D.  Which reminds me I must finish the fabulous Make-up & Tattoo Hunt.  Plenty da yummies in that hunt!


* Little Milena Dotty Blush Skin @ Myneva (Group Gift*)

(worn with cleavage)

*Zoe Shape @:.:Fudge:.:

Peach Icecream Lipstain @ :.:Fudge:.:

Beads Eyes in Grey @ ROZENA (previous Hunt Gift)

Melon Lipstain @ MOCK

Moelleux Hair @ DeLa

Popsicle @ Sanu ($40 per play)

JellyBeans x


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