:.:Lunaire and Mia Skin

Portrait above of this pretty skin at [Lissee] (formerly Mamboo Chic).  Very smooth skin &  in line with her previous style which I loved!

Leona  slipped off the radar for a time but I am soo thrilled to see her back!  I have been in her Mamboo Chic group since the beginning and have always loved her skins. She is a seriously talented skin creator.

And..I treated myself to a pretty, Mesh *Summer Dress*  from LUNAIRE @ the Pas Meadow Sim.  Or you can pick up the Dress @ the Okinawa Summer Festival which runs until 11th August.  3 delicious colors to choose from! I picked up the blue which is shown below:

And I made the pose!! Will sent it to the :.:Fudge:. Group if you want to pick it up from the Notices..woot! I struggle to find simple poses sometimes and increasingly I have been creating my own which I generally gift out to my little Group.


*Mia Skin @ [Lissee] (Free Group Join/Check Notices)

*Zoe Shape @ :.:Fudge.: 

*Summer Dress in Aqua @ LUNAIRE  (Mesh)

*Spring Flats @ Needful Things (previous hunt gift)

*Pose @  :.:Fudge.: (Gift*)

*Hair @ Dura (025 in Chocolate)

*Earrings by Pink Ribbon @ Okinawa Summer Festival (LB Gift*)

*Eyes @ ROZENA (Hunt Gift)

JellyBeans x


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