:.:ICE Shape PROMO $99 (New!)


It has been awhile…trying to catch up with SL as been a bit of a busy of late…not to mention all the hideous Laptop headaches. I have turned into a “mini geek” as I battle with all the hardware problems all on my ownsome (awww).

But…the fun bit about fixing things on your own is the huge sense of achiement when you actually do succeed & something works! Sooo I shall battle on before I give up entirely and buy a new one.  Still…  it is rather fun knowing more about puters than all your friends (and ex bfs…hehe!!)

Meanwhile..I have made super cute shape which I have popped on Marketplace…PROMO only $99.  And yes…it is lovely!  And yes..me likes it a lot!

Fits Medium in Standard Sizing* but I have added a few additional options in there too.  Smaller bewwwbs and one for prim ears etc/////  Here is the link to the DEMO if you would like to try her out!

ICE Shape* : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ICEShape-DEMO-by-FudgePROMO/3989864?id=3989864&slug=ICEShape-DEMO-by-FudgePROMO
Thank you so much for reading and Happy Weekend everyone!



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