:.: Glam Goth

I decided to be a good sport about Halloween and get into the swing of it too! I created a look that was kinda dark but bloodless…Reason?  I loathe the sight of blood!..even virtual! Yes I know..am a woooz…and yes.. I am the girl at the movies with her eyes squeezed shut and hands over ears at any sign of violence, blood or gore.  Give me a chick flick any day!

Anyway this look…a mix of stuff but I thought this Mesh Kuri Dress from Miamai was perfect for a gothy lolita.  it is Mesh with the perfect kind of waist clinch to make you look sexy.  As always, thank you to Monica Outlander for creating clever, wearable collections which make a little kawaii like me feel super glam!

I also wanted to mention a new furniture & Decor shop called JoHaDeZ created by Johnny Hardstone.  You can see his Reader’s Ottoman in the backdrop which is his Opening Gift! Worth checking out and you will find trendy, simple and exquisite designs.  Here is Jonny’s  Flickr Link: JoHaDez


Check out this cute Candle Holder! Love the textures & detailing on this item! <33


Kuri Dress in White (Mesh) @ Miamai (New)

Readers Ottoman in background @ JoHaDeZ– (Opening Gift)

Bronwyn Shape @ Fudge

Ginny Skin in Europa @ Glam Affair

Black EyeLiner @ MOCK (Look in Notices $250 Join)

Black Lipstick @ MOCK Cosmetics

Tainted Tears of Love @ MOCK Cosmetics

Piercings @Pekka (old Hunt gift)

JellyBeans x


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