:.: My pretty Momo

Coming soon.  Neeeeeeeeew shape!..I have been tinkering with this shape for a few days now and am really happy with it.  I started this one from default (I had forgotten how skerry our old Linden Shape is but it was fun evolving from fug lol.

This shape has a few of my little quirks, like the pout and almond eyes. I think I will call her Momo (After Monica Outlander of Miamai). Cos she has been so kind and generous to me<333

Anyway…you might have guessed that I mixed things up a little.  Dont freak out! (This isnt a new skin).  It’s one of my favs, Ginny @ Glam Affair (Collabor 88) & I added a Pink Amethest lippie from *Leafy*. Well, when you get such a smoothie pout, ya gotta to flaunt it..smooch!  😀

Betty Lou Hair is Exile (Current Subscribo Gift).  Modded a little but it comes with a little bow.
Pretty Eyes in Mint Gold are IKON.  Love his eyes!

Hope y’all having a great weekend.  Catch you soon!

JellyBeans x


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