:.:Cute Kawaii Fleur Shape*

Hi! Here is a super cute little kawaii Fleur shape by :.:Fudge:.: for your awesome SL. This is probably a look  I shall be wearing from some time to come. Doncha just wanna smooch this squidgey li’l face?  Comes in 3 Standard Sizes (Medium, Small and Extra Small)  for Meshwear PLUS a Bonus shape for non Mesh.

The deliciously appealing  Kairavi – Light skin (cleavage) is by  {moth}. It is only $350! And comes with a selection of brows and lipsticks etc.  Would love you all to support Dapim of {moth}.  From what I can see, she is  just getting her skin collection together and you can also  find her on MP.  (little cheaper on MP than World if you are counting the pennies!).

The cheerful looking Eliza Day Bodysuit in Rozy is Whippet & Buck.  You might still catch her $50 sale if you hurry! Lingerie Pose is part of a selection by :.:Fudge:.: (lots of goodies in the pack including lipstains for $0).

Eternal Eyes in Green @ IKON (Previous Group Gift). The pink  Flower Brooch  worn in the Hair is part of the Katerine Outfit by Miamai.

Thanks! <333

JellyBeans x


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