I have Ohna to thank for this post…I never thought i would get to my 30th Post and she said…you will be amazed that you will!..and verry soon! Thank you Ohna for all your  support.  There is simply not enough Ohna-love to go around and if you are lucky to have Ohna as a friend…there will be buckets of love, sensitive reflection and lots of sunshine to brighten up your day <33

Anyways..where was I?  Oh yes…*takes a sip of wine* (I hope I can last this post lol.  Do forgive any spelling mishtakes or typos  wont’ you…*giggles*)

I started blogging as as a little hobby…too shy to show people what I posted mostly because my TL in Plurk is filled with incredible talent (I started listing them all but ran out of space! But you know who you are!)

I have really enjoyed the  process of blogging, mostly when I felt like sharing something…and thankfully there has been  little or no pressure at all so I can honestly say it has been rather fun!

JellyBeans is my alter ego…with many elements which are me in RL.  I love people..having a giggle…and always  on hand with the big warm hugs and smooches for everyone, especially in Plurk where I lurk and engage with my pals, most of whom I absolutely adore.  Even the ones that drive me a little potty sometimes..they still  have something  interesting to say which gets  me thinking or enthused.  Yup…Jellybeans talks to everyone..being a typical home counties girl, I especially love eccentrics, and accept everyone’s differences.  Gosh…I think I am a little tiddly now..*pokes you all in the ribs* Happy Friday! And if you are still reading this far..thank you for indulging me whimsicals  <33

Credits? Well…if you must…ok..so it’s head to toe! All from memory….the  Taylor Hair @ Laviere (Collabor88), Grey Eyes @ ROZENA, Bronwyn Shape  :.:Fudge:.:, Beauty Kairavi Skin @ {moth}, Rianne Pants @ Miamai, Radical Boots @ Maitreya, Backward Pose by :.:Fudge:.: ($0), Lace Corset from TART :D. If you need direct links please feel free to IM me in World.  Thankies <33 Jellybeans xx


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