:.:So pretty!

This is indeed a very pretty skin!  I am soooooo thrilled to have found it (I have been searching for a new skin this week) and Inka of Essences has kindly offered this Maria Skin at  @ TDR for a  snip.

This skin ticks a lot of boxes in terms of having  a lot of character/personality,  the skin tones are beautiful, and the facial features such as the nose and lips are soft and pretty. And of course those strong eyebrows. Love them! *Smooooch*  Also…no imperfections in places where  you might not ordinarily look..like inside the ears..little nooks I peek in lol.  Anyway, if you love this look in its entirety please do check the credits below. Agatha Shape @ :.:Fudge:.: is new…and works beautifully with this skin.


:.Maria *Soleil* Skin by Essences @ ($70 @TDR) ( New!)

:.Agatha Shape by :.:Fudge:.: (New!)

:.Eternal Green Eyes @ IKON

:.Amelie Hair by Wasabi Pills @ FameShed

Thank you <33

JellyBeans x



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