:.:Keeping Cosy “With Love” & Miamai, Zenith & DeeTaleZ

WLH Miamai & Zenith3WLH Miamai & Zenith1

WLH Miamai & Zenith2

Few little goodies from the With Love Hunt and Arcade Gatcha Event <33

Creating a typical English fashion mash-up *giggles* 😀

***FIND THE Associated LINKS for *The With Love Hunt* above :D***


*Reindeer Hat in Brown (Comes with hair Attachment) by MIAMAI @ Arcade Gatcha Event  (Thank you Momo <33)

*BallBall Sweater & Scarf @ Zenith Fashions (Gift on With Love Hunt)

*Wool Tights in Brown @ DeeTaleZ ($10 Gift on With Love Hunt)

*Alyx Skin in Ivory by Pink Fuel ($10 With Love Hunt)

*A DarkerLove Eyeshadow 04 (part of a collection) by MIAMAI ($10 With Love Hunt )

*Beads Eyes in Steel Grey by ROZENA

*Radical Mesh Boots in Suede Chamoise by Maitreya

*Stance Pose by Ilmatic ($10 With Love Hunt)


JellyBeans x


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