:.:MINA Hair on LHH*


This is a great haircut isn’t it? So neat!  Thank you to MINA Hair for popping this very wearable style on the Lavender Hill Hunt (link below).   The blend of purple tones & layering of colours is just awesome.  It is editable and comes with a resize menu etc.  Great for photos and a pastel rinses are very popular in SL.  If you haven’t tried these pretty colors before, this is your chance to try! All prizes are $5.

Lavender Hill Hunt Hints/Slurls


*Daan Hair in Purple @ MINA Hair (Lavender Hill Hunt $5)

*Geanna Skin in Bubblegum by Izzie’s (Previous Perfect Wardrobe)

*Deep Sky Eyes in Fog @ Mayfly ($0 Group Gift)

*Fuyu Lipstick in Pink @ Izzie’s

*Umbrella Dots Dress in White @ SAKIDE

*Pose by !bang (@ Free*Style Shop) (pop along for some bargains!


JellyBeans x


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