:.:Oh my Lode!

Lode HatF1

Fascinating hat ….I kept the look simple so as not to detract from this amazing hat..I think it is quite wonderful! *grins wide*

Lode HatF2

Lode HatF3

Feel very Ascot in this outfit! I added boots so as not too look too formal.  A hint of my tomboy leanings.

There are some great events and even greater bargains atm…kinda hard to keep up with it all!  But I guess that is what keeps the SL fashion industry alive and kickin’ and of course inpsires creators to make even more fabulous  thingssss.  So whilst it hits the linden bank a little hard..you can certainly create a wonderful look on a budget . I say Happy shopping everyone!


*Hannah Shape @ :.:Fudge:.: (New)

* Hat in Magnoli/Plum by Lode @ L’Accessoires [Mesh]  (Limited Offer/$200)

*Draped Dress by Cynful [Mesh/Mix] @ The Dressing Room Fusion Event ($70)

*Clover Skin Beach Love *Sunkissed*  by Essences @ The Dressing Room Fusion (Limited Offer/ $70)

*Riot Grrl Dimples @ MOCK (Group Gift/Check Notices/$250 Join Fee)

*Easter make-up @ MIAMAI (Group Gift/Check Notices/$30 join fee)

*Autumn Early Frost Eyes @ Poetic Colors

*Glamazon Hair @ Clawtooth

*Over the Mountain Boots @ Fishy Strawberry

*Mother of Pearl Bracelet @ Shi (previous With Love from Hunt)

*Poses @ ZZANG



JellyBeans x


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