:.:Flutters lashes..

Zara Metallic

Hi there! Jellybeans here…finally, I get to post this piccie. It has been sitting propped up against a wall for a few days.

Now then..you may already have this skin (Check the Notices in the Glam Affair Group).  I am kind of wowed by this skin…the tones and sheen are fab..hugely photogenic skin!

I did mess around a little with certain effects to achieve this look but it is even *glossier* and more stunning as is.  If you are looking for another skin in the same style (ie Dark Fantasy)…I believe one has been released @ the *Big Boobie Show Fair* …I shall certainly be running over later to try it out as well as grasp..err sorry..I mean gasp at those boobies!

You can preview the skin on Foxy Oaksy’s  Blog.  (Includes the details and links etc).

*Flutters lashes*…howyadoin’? Like many I love lashes..and if you skip along to Miamai..there is an infinite array of extremely *creative* Mesh lashes…these are hand drawn designs which range from butterflies, wisps of feathers, birds, catwalk style flatten-you-out with one bat of a lash, dots, swirly designs ..you name it..& you will not find anything like them on the Grid.  Yes, you may have to pay a little more for them..but seriously…they are worth every single linden.  See it as an investment for your future creative outlets 😀


*Zara Skin by Glam Affair (Group Gift/$30 Join Fee/Check Notices*)

*Sparkle Lashes|in Black |Mesh| @ MIAMAI

*Autumn Early Frost Eyes |Mesh| @ Poetic Colors

*Hollana Hair|Mesh|Dark Browns|in Chocolate by Truth (previous Collabor88 Offer)





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