:.:The Protagoniste – Creative Eye Enhancements by MIAMAI* (New!)

Protagoniste HUD1F


With the ever increasing use of Mesh attachments, the popularity of  clever, user friendly HUDS has been on the increase.  If you love mesh lashes, liners and mesh eyes and want a simple easy to use system at a click of a button then you will love this eye enhancement Protagoniste Basic HUD system created by Monica Outlander of MIAMAI.

And if you are a little wary of HUDS,  don’t be! It is so simple to use, it doesn’t even require a manual! (though one is included) :D.

Most of the features are pretty self-evident from the pictures but I have summarised a few below which I hope will be enough to persuade you to try it too! 😀

**Please note, I am new at reviewing anything, so please be kind.  I am sharing this post for no other reason other than that I love this product and hope you will too. And a very big thank you to Monica Outlander for her generosity <33

~:Main Features of the Basic Protagoniste HUD

1. Mesh Lashes (3 Types)

2. Mesh Liners (Black, Blue, Brown)

3. Mesh Contact Lenses (Selection of Colors)

4. Mesh Gemstone Studs (Selection of 3 Colors)

5. Iris enhancements, sparkle and even more gems!

6. Built in Posestand

All of the above have an ON/OFF feature.

~:Extra Features:

1. Online Customer Support (if you have any questions or suggestions you can send your queries here)


1. Great choice of very realistic and high quality contact lenses and lashes.  There is something to suit everyone, from natural to more vivid colors.

2. Ease of Use.  A definite plus point.  I found it incredibly simple and easy to use and there was not a single moment I felt the need to consult the Manual or Online Support.

3. Each feature can be used on its own or together ie Lashes + Liner together or just the Gemstones + Liner (see below ).  You use the “Visibility” feature to turn one each ON/or OFF.

4. Lashes/Liner and Gemstones are modifiable so you can edit each to fit your eye-shape perfectly.

5.  Huge selection of Contact Lenses to suit your skin tone or particular tastes.  Again MODIFIABLE.  The mesh eyes can be adjusted or squished in to fit.

6.  The Contact lenses have additional enhancements.  You can add studs around the Irises, or extra Sparkle plus color to the sclera of the eye (see the HUD below).

Contact Lenses (Choices) You can go for something bright or natural.

Protagoniste HUD4F

Protagoniste HUD2F


The ultimate benefit of  Protagoniste Basic HUD System is that it greatly enhances the look of your eyes with very little effort, as opposed to foraging in your Inventory to find various items.

You can go for dramatic eye flattering effects or simple, natural looks using just eyeliner for example. It is a fast and simple way of changing your look and as a product, it offers a LOTS of potential in terms of choices and features.  I cannot wait to see what else will be added.  Flowers, butterflies, tattoos, more gems, more eye colors…the sky is the limit!

Please check out the links below for credits:


*The Protagoniste HUD [Mesh Lashes/Eyes/Gemstones/Liner] @ MIAMAI (New)

*Margot Skin in 06 by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

*Sierra Hair from Light Blondes Pack [Mesh] by Truth

*Mita Top Top in Clarity [Mesh] @ Miamai (see link above)

*Pose @ ZZANG





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