:.:Pretty Flo Shape* from:.:Fudge:.:

Flo ShapeFADHello there! Was a bit at a loose end last night so created this pretty new shape for the summer.  Comes Mod,Copy,NT.  Includes a Standard Size for Mesh.  I tried Flo on various other skins such as Izzie’s, Belleza, Pink Fuel etc and it seems to suit.  Wheyheyy!

And check out the fab, demure, one-piece Swimsuit from Miamai (link below).  Entirely Mesh and fits perfectly.  I went all out for a bright summer colour but there are tons of options to choose from include Marine stripes, Pink and Denim. <33


*Flo Shape @ :.:Fudge:.: (C/M/NT) (NEW!)

*Oule Swimsuit in Citrus Glitter[Mesh] @Miamai

*Margot  Skin @ Glam Affair

*True Grey Eyes @ Mayfly (Gift)

*Pose @ ZZANG





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