:.:Feeling sparklyyy…

PF & Miamai

Pout & Miamai1Bit of a glammy look..especially for those love posing on the beach eceterera.  First, the lipssss.  This collection of Glossy Pout lips is by Pink Fuel and is probably the poutest you will every get and still look natural (if you know what I mean 😀 ).  There is an innocence about these lipsticks, so they don’t look over the top. More Lolita than ermmm…..Hollywood Boulevard lol.  I love them and the collection has such a huge range of colours you can have a lot of fun with them!

Check out the green shade below.  Marvelous!! They are only $250..so amazing value..so thankies Mochi <33 .  And I tried them with other skins and they worked just as well.

Anddd..the sexy, high glamour swimsuits are new @  Miamai.  Hand drawn magic and super flattering.  PLUS…cute Borealis Eyes @ Mayfly (Gift!!) Little speckles of green and blue…beautiful eyes.  For more credits see below:


*Glossy Pout Lips in Bubblegum and Green by Pink Fuel (MP Special) (Demo available to try) or get the Pink Collection for only $100 (New)

*RiveriaLuxe Swimsuit in Morena @ MIAMAI (New)

*RivevieraLuxe Swimsuit in Revere @ MIAMAI (New)

*Harley Skin in Peach by Pink Fuel @ Arcade gatcha

*Borealis Eyes @ Mayfly (Gift) (Look Upstairs from left of landing point) (New)

*Hangover eyeliner @ Essences

*Please Hair in 01 {Mesh} @ Magika (1/2 price sale)

*Poses (my own)





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