:.: Some pixels and some reflections

JellyBeans in LH2

New skinnn. Fae Skin by Lara Hurley @ Uber event.  Beautiful, natural looking skin with gorgeous eyebrows.  I added lots of liner and top layer lashes for a smokey, smexxy effect. The above pic has been edited just for fun but you can see the original pic below.

Fae Skin Original.png

The above seems trivial given what is foremost in the news at the moment. Gazza.   So…a final thought:

Remember. You are free.  You do not have bombs exploding around you.  You have not witnessed your family being blown to pieces in front of you. You are not a child, wounded, maimed, in pain, orphaned, frightened or desperately hungry or thirsty.

Please pray for those who are the same as you and I but whose lives are shattered by war.   Please pray for those caught up in ugly, bitter conflicts which have nothing to do with them. This goes this goes for those living in fear of rockets and who are never far from a bomb shelter. 

There are no winners here.  On either side.  

One of the things that makes us uniquely human is the ability to empathise.  That unimaginable horror.  Please, I ask you, how can any of it possibly be right?  And ultimately, how will any of this lead to peace?  

JellyBeans x


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