:.:Pretty-ing up your lip shape

Pretty Lips

Hello again!

This is a little quick tut on how you to *cutie-fy* your lip shape!  Sooo easy!

Firstly, please refer to the Pretty-up Your Shape! and Pretty-ing Your Eye Shape post which provides some tips on how to soften you look, starting with the Eyes.  If you need a starter shape, you can purchase Jane Starter Shapes.   This is a collection of 5 Standard Size Shapes which come modifiable and make it easier to achieve the  final lip shape below.

So…to begin…

Whatever lips shape you prefer, I find less is definately more! (Obviously if you want your lips to look surgically enhanced with full on attitude then by all means max out on your lip shape in terms of width, fullness and size. As you know..in SL anything goes! )

But I wanted to show you what a huge difference little changes can make to your look.

Compare and Contrast:

Below is an example of a biggish pout!

BIG lips: Hard not to notice these……

Large Lips

A side profile to avoid: Sheesh..

Really…you do not need to max out on lips fat to get a big pout!  Try reducing the fat and plumping up on the fullness instead 😀 (see how to below)

Large Lips Side Profile

Pretty lips: ❤ >3

Smoochy lips

Cute Lips: What a difference a little shrinkage makes!

How to get the look above:

You can either twiddle your own shape or use Jane Starter Shape which needs less tweaking.

1. Right Click your avatar and tap “Appearance” and  “Edit Shape” . Use your Camera Controls and Object View to zoom in very close to your face.

2.  Once you are zoomed, Locate the “Mouth” parameter in the options tabs (just below your avatar decripton..)

2. Select “Lips” and reduce the Lip Width to around 6 – 10.  ) Depending on the skin you are wearing (some skins require a wider mouth!).

3. Increase “Lip Fullness” to say 30ish but reduce “Lip thickness” to say, no more than 65.  You can play with these two parameters till you find your perfect pout!

4.Also consider moving your “Lip Position” up to maybe around 35ish..again adjust this until you find the effect you like.

5. Once you are happy don’t forget to rename your new shape before saving!

Other options:  Depending on your style you can play with the lip ratio, mouth corners and lip cleft to get the effect you want.  Always keep Shift at 50 unless you want a lopsided look!

That’s it! Simple little tips but I hope they were helpful.


Aria Skin worn with Romy Lipstick by Glam Affair

Please Hair by Magika (HUD 1)

Deep Skin Eyes in Pale Onyx by Mayfly


Thanks!  JellyBeans x


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