Simple Graphics tip!

Effie has been awhile! Hello everyone.  I logged in yesterday after a long absence and blew the dust off to create a new look.  Truth very kindly sent me this Effie Hair as there was an issue with the script on the Demo.  Very sweet of him.  Despite his success, this chappie remains rather humble and affable.  Thank you Trooof!  <33

Anywaysss….Graphics.  Like many of you, I spend an age getting the right windlight, while attempting to avoid all those unwanted shadows, but trying to find the right amount of shadow to create a 3D effect.  For me it is one of the most challenging part of the whole process of SL photography (we won’t mention poses..that is the second headache! Urgg).  The rest of if it…ie dressing the SL dolly seems quite a breeze in comparison! :D.  So I found an easy option to take a simple photo.

Photo 1. 

This photo was taken with the ultra graphics and rendering on maximum ie In Preferences, Graphics on Ultra + Antialiasing on 16. As you can see..full graphics can produce a rather “flat” photo.  Shadows are great but maybe sometimes you just want a softer look!

Photo 2.

Here, I kept the graphics at a low setting (2nd slot from the left of the graphics slider – Preferences, Graphics, Quality and Speed Performance). I also set the Antialiasing Setting to 16 – find this Under the same Graphics tab in “Hardware Settings).  The effect is much softer.  No shadows but you can really see the luminosity of the skin.  Prettier I think!

The reason I mention this trick is because I think this option is useful if you blog skins where you might prefer images which have not bene corrupted by windlight and shadows.

Hope that helps.  JellyBeans xx


Effie Hair – Truth (thank you Truth!)

Katra Skin –  Glam Affair

Brandy Dress –  Glam Affair (Kustom9)

Pose  – Marukin


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