:.:Sweet Smock Dress

Pixicat3.pngThis is a typical JellyBeans thrown together look…much like RL…not much fuss and slightly *mismatching*…hooray! I have no idea how to look any other way…lol!  Soo…I hope you already have this Smock style Dress from Pixicat.  If not you can buy it at Kustom9…but I expect they will be changing the collection soon.  The White Ankle Boots are also Pixicat. Katra Skin (Clean) by Glam Affair. Pixicat2The leggings don’t quite match but the effect is fun and wacky. These are from Crazy.  <33 Okay…you have already seen this hair (Effie from Truth).  Cute in pink, non? Romance Bracelet is part of a set from Cae.  PosesBehaviorBody Pixicat Dress I need to go and say hello to my Plurk friends.  I hope they will still remember me! It has been an age I tell you! JellyBeans xx


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