About Moi

Hello and welcome to my little SL BLoG!  My main aim will be to feature mostly CuTE stuffs which make me happy and perhaps occasionally *quirky* things that I stumble upon which amuse or inspire me to want to share or create an image.

I also create a few little bits & pieces such as shapes, poses, make-ups etc (mostly as a creative outlet to share with those who might like them too!).  Recently opened, I mostly give away poses and make-ups & the odd shape etc so please feel hop aboard the Inworld Fudge group ❤ *skips*.

But I hope you will always find something fairly new (I have no idea how many wigs or clothes a girl needs but clearly *plenty* is not nearly enough! )

You might also see a previously *loved* item which I stumble while delving into the depths of my virtual wardrobe….hope you find something you like & stick around :D.

Do feel free to add any comments if you so wish!


JellyBeans x

PS My Inventory runs around 12,000K.  Let’s see what it is in a few months :p … errmm Feb 2013 (16,000K…gahhhh)


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