Shortie styling….

SunnyLoving the short choppy hairstyles out atm….this one by Tram especially caught my eye last week on FLF.  And if you like this face it is a new release @ :.:Fudge:.:.  Stella Shape can be found on MP Skin is Katra which is available at Glam Affair Mainstore.

Sunny 2Another cute, choppy hair popped up on this week’s FLF!  This one is also called Stella by Elikatira (coincidental btw – my own Stella Shape was released last week :D).  Romper is Candydoll.  Jewellery by Cae.  And poses are Double Take. Necklace by Baisaistice.  Shoes below are Livalle.

Sunny 3Stella Shape below with different styling!

Stella Shape ADf


New Sassy Shape @ :.Fudge:.:

Sassy Shape AD  (2)

SASSY Shape @ Fudge

When I started playing with this face I wasn’t sure where it was heading!  But I ended up with a confident looking face with slight edges which suits those who have grown up a little and know what they want!

Kinda sassy! 😀

Sassy Shape DEMO     To Buy

I like this face and hope you do too.  Looks good with mesh bodies and I have included 5 Standard sizes in the pack so you can take your pick.

I used Katra Skin by Glam Affair – you should find this skin at the Mainstore.  I appreciate that many of the skins Aida releases are one off exclusives….but this shape will also suit other brands too!.  Sassy is Modifiable so you can play around as you wish.


JellyBeans x

:.:New Chloe Shape*

Chloe Shape by :.:Fudge:.:

Oh good lord it has been awhile! Things have been a tad hectic  in RL.  Booo

BUT I have a new release. This is :.:Chloe Shape:.: by :.:Fudge:.:. I gave her a bit of a smart, though invidualistic  “intern” look (hense the cute headdress 🙂 ) This is a really great shape, with lots of sweet,fudgy attributes, like a cute button nose and pouty mouth.  Overall a very cute face <33

You can try Chloe Shape on Marketplace:

All the styling details included in the pack! JellyBeans <33


:.:Pretty-ing up your shape


I thought I would start a little selection of posts on how to pretty up your shape!  I have been meaning to do this for *ages*.

Jane After

Why this post?

Because there are some people may not be aware of the little tricks of the trade that can be used to achieve a *softer* look.  Incidentally, this post is by no means intended to suggest that we all need to look pretty! You can look however you want to look.  Most peeps have a unique look despite wearing similar skins.  However, if you want to create a cuter face then these posts are for you!

Besides, who doesn’t peer at other avatars, and try to glean the real life personality behind the avatar.  Afterall, isn’t that what it’s all about?  Reflecting a little of you?  Which is why refining a shape remains a popular way of acquiring your very own look.

I have been playing with shapes since I first trod in SL .  And I found nothing beats modifying a shape and ending up with a face you love…:D

To begin…..

You can start at the SL evolutionary fuggy SL stage by creating a“Default Shape”.  (Only for the brave 😀 )

Step 1:

So to begin with I started off with a new shape as follows:

a. Right Click your Avatar and go to “Edit Outfit”

b. Select “Body Parts”

c. On your current shape, Right Click and select “Create New Shape”.  You may wish to Rename it.

The default shape is sadly very unappealing.  And no amount of great skin, great hair, or a nice outfit would ever succeed in making this shape attractive!

You get something like this:

Default Shape (We will call her “Jane”)

Default Jane


If you find this default shape a little too scary and don’t want to go through the initial smoothing out and tidying up phase, I created a set of Jane Starter Shapes (see below). This pack contains the 5 common Standard Sizes (created for wearing with Mesh clothing).

I have taken the default shape and removed all the rather unsavoury aspects  ie the too- huge-eyes, the  wide mouth, disproportionate straight up-and-down boyish-shape, huge feet, even huger hands,  large nose and quite honestly, what I consider to be a rather butch face!

So you can skip this part and get the Starter Pack below. (NB If you cannot afford the $99 – IM in World and I will send it to you for free. Especially if you are new to SL!).

Jane Shape Starter Pack. Find the pack here:  :.:Fudge:.:  These are COPY/MODIFY/NO TRANSFER.

Jane Shape Starter Pack

Next Post:

I will show you how to start pretty-ing her up!

JellyBeans x