Dressed down bling

Sequins 3 (2)Hihihihi…popped into SL for the bling!! This skirt..eeeps…is just something else…These pics are not great…I was faffing with windlights and but good enough to see the awesome sparkles in the skirk….looks better dressed down!

Sequins 2 (2).png

sequins.pngBella Sequin Skirt by Tres Blah, Hair flower by Glam Affair (both at Collabor88), Bracelets by Cae, Half Shut Eyes Hair Exile, and Knotted Tee by Tee*fy.  Sandles Pure Poison.  Skin also by Glam Affair.    Shape my own although you can always try one of my shapes by :.:Fudge:.: on MP. Body Maitreya.  Poses Marukin. Sandals @ Pure Poison.


All dolled up!


Hello!  Everyone I know seems to be going to the Adele Concert.  Am so sorry I missed out seeing this awesome London girl!


JellypopsThis beautiful dress by The Secret Store caught my eye.  So pretty….and check out the netting underneath….cute little touch.  Hair is by Wasabi Pills.  And Dolly Shape by :.:Fudge:.: Luna Skin with added eyebrows by Glam Affair,  Poses are Label Motion.  And earrings by Plastick.

Thank you! ❤

~:Cute undies

CA LingerieI can’t resist fringed hair!…(or *bangs* as you call it).  And I am very impressed with Chocolate Atelier’s Lingerie atm. She has included a number of appliers, including Maitreya so really…no excuses!  You need to get this adorable set!  I love the sporty looking panties…hides a multitude of sins in RL too 😀

CA LingerieYou can find this floral Romane lingerie set by Chocolate Atelier at The Season’s StoryJoy Shape is by :.:Fudge:.:.  (modified – wider eyes, bigger lips).  Moon Necklace by ARISE @ Project Limited.  Laura Sandals by Pure Poison @ The Season’s StoryQuiet Waters Hair by Exile @ Collabor88.  Poses by An Lar . Eyes by Mayfly

x ~JellyBeans~ x

:.:Daytime and after dark

Daytime look——->


After dark (sophisto) —–>

Jumpsuit LP

After dark (funkaay) —-> The Exile hair ~ Collabor88~ comes in 2 styles. Edgier style below.

PunkyCouldnt decide which look I prefer so you are getting both! 🙂

The Daytime snaps were taken at Lelutka Sim…which has been revamped since I was last there.  Looks very smart.   And…I see there are new mesh heads (I have been out of the loop so missed the inital flurry).   I confess I tried them on (and freaked out slightly cos I saw an Auntie in them..*chuckles*) – Each to their own.  Nothing should detract from their wonderfulness…nor the talent behind them. But still… I prefer the old chubby baby face for now.    🙂

Anyway…you will find the fabulous Katra Skin by Glam Affair @ Collobor88, as well as this gorgeous Hair by Exile. Little Beige Top is Tee*fy (Also Collabor88) and the Ribbon is Tres Blah (Collabor88).  The Jumpsuit with Suspenders is by Le Primitif (at The Seasons Story).  Sunnies are made by Miamai (from a selection).  Poses are Marukin. Bracelet is by YS&YS @ The Dressing Room Fusion. Jeans are Pixicat and Romantique Bracelets (top pic) are Cae.  JellyBeans xx

:.:Fabulous Cae Group Gift! <3

Warm Casuals

Hello there!  I logged in yesterday after a little absence and casually checked my Groups…omg*Cae*has the cutest Romantique Jewellery set for all her Groupies. I love it! (See the Group Join Link Below)

So I foraged around in my Inventory and created this mixed look.  The set really is stunning! If you join Cae* Group you are likely to get similarly gorgeous gifts!

Here the vendor pic which models the jewellery in more detail:

Cae Jewellery

Anyway….as I say, the look is a mix of old and new stuff I found in my inventory.  Here is how to get the look:

1. Join the Cae Group ($545 Join Fee. Don’t worry.  It really will be worth it!).  It is a fabulously exclusive Group. <33 Then collect the Romantique Set in the Group Notices.  Remember to check the Group regularly so you don’t miss out!   And of course, tell all your friends!! Shout it out from the roof tops if you must. 😀

2.  Run to Molichino and pick up the FLF item – you have to hurry though! Wear the Top only for now. The maxi skirt is great too…you can wear that another time  🙂

3. Toodle over to Pixicat and pick up the Autumn Jeans Boots Combo.  Forget the demo for now.  Demo-ing is for wimps.  We ALL know Pixicat is awesome!

3. Find I  suitably fitting wig from your Inventory.  I chose this old fave Desire Lines  from Lamb.

4. Smooth on your fave skin…I chose Sia by Glam Affair. Try the ones at Collabor88!

5. My shape is my own but you can trial the one I made yesterday (shameless plug).  Try EMILY by :.:Fudge:.:

6.  Grab the Sapphire Eyes @ Mayfly (Group Gift) Super blue eyes!

Poses are Marukin (old ones)

More on the look below:


Casual in Cae

Merci!  JellyBeans xx





Classic white and black mix..a firm favorite in RL too.


:.: Virgie Hair by Damselfly @ The Dressing Room Fusion

:.:Coral Skin by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

:.:Shape by :.:Fudge:.: (see Marketplace)

:.:Romy Goddess Lipstick @ Glam Affair

:.: Pale Onyx Eyes @ Mayfly

:.:Floral Headband by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

:.:Leather Hlater Top by Girl Thursday

:.:Venka Pants in White by Miamai

:.:Anrol Poses @ BahaviorBody (Sunday Gift)

~:Just playing Nordic …


I have been in pixlr…can you tell?  Just playing with a few effects.  I was using ipiccy before…but the terms of service have changed which means I have to open an account and I honestly cannot be *!$%. So pixlr is now my mode of play,  In truth my pics are pretty basic…so editing a little adds more interest (you can see other versions below.  Sorry for the spam! No teeth below btw so you can see how pretty the lips are on this Neva Skin by Glam Affair.





+Earrings @ Miseria (Group Gift $0)

+Another day Jumper in Azul  by Ionic (Chapter 4)

+Neva Skin by Glam Affair @Kustom9

+ Shape @ :.:Fudge:.:

+Blue Jeans by Even.flow

+Mochi Bunny by Ohmai (Designers United 5)

+Windswept Hair by Clawtooth @Collabor88

+The Ears of Ibiza by Swallow (TDF)

+Teeth @ Mother Goose

+Poses by ZZANG

+True Grey Eyes @ Mayfly




:.: My fave skin..

Profile CleoFinal

Not that I needed to be reminded, but this is the skin that I revert to whenever I need to cheer myself up.  And today as I snuggled the sofa trying hard not to feel sad, I decided to fish out a firm favorite.  If you want to add this skin to your collection, you will need to hop along to Glam Affair and check out the Cleo range.  Tis a stunning skin for sure and whatever shape you are in, you will feel gorgeous.


*Cleo Skin in America worn with Cleo Lipstick no 17 @ Glam Affair

*Zelda Hair in Kitkat/Mesh by Lamb @ Collabor88

*Deep sky Eyes in Deep True Grey Eyes @ Mayfly

*Eyeliner by Izzies (from Kaelyn range)


:.:Some favourite things :p

Aracde BootyF

I finally got into the Arcade..after 5 days..LOL!! I got some *tips* on how to shop..albeit unstylishly hovering in the air with my virtual nose pressed against the shop window haha.  Anyway, I have been pecking away at the Gatcha Machines…and will be popping back frequently to add to my little collection 😀

Arcade Booty2F

And lookie my little Unicorn Backpack from Miama…lookie the little face lol..isnt it fabulous?!! Thank you Momo! <33 Another item I found collectable are the Loretta Skirts from Sea Hole.  Impossibly gorgeous, they are Mesh and suit all sizes.  very clevers.  <33 And well, the Ison Boots too…I mean everything is covetable and it will be fun to include them in forthcoming posts.  <33

Arcade Booty4F

Arcade Gatcha 

*Unicorn Backpack/Pink by Miamai @ Arcade Gatcha

*Loretta  Skirt: Enchanted Pool by Sea Hole @ Arcade Gatcha

*Hawkin Boots: Black/Sand/RARE by ISON @ Archade Gatcha

*Wings (part of the Eterum Antler Set/RARE Set) by Half Deer @ Arcade Gatcha

*Amberly Skin: Artic/07  @ Glam Affair

*Hollanna Hair: Light Blondes/Platinum @ Truth (Collabor88)

*Heart Necklace @ Pink Fuel

*French Spring Bra (part of outfit) @ Sakide (old Hunt Gift)

*Cream Tank by Belote

*Anachronism Black Leggings by Vexing

*Frozen Eyes @ Umedama Holic (Gift)

*Inner Sexy Poses @ ZZANG


JellyBeans x



:.:Feeling quite elegant


Profile of a very chubby pair cheeks..smoooch KissKiss 😀


Beautiful Lorella Mesh Gown @ Miamai (Group Gift)


Lorella Gown comes with an attached Bow..last piccie below..sorry for the spamola <33



*Lorella Moon Gown @ Miamai (Group Gift $50 Join fee). Great group to be in! Gifts are awesome!

(look in the Gown’s section for this item)

*Heidi Shape @ :.:Fudge:.: (unreleased)

*Bubblegum Geanna Skin by Izzie’s @ Perfect Wardrobe

*Mesa Eyes by IKON (January Gift) (available to buy)

*Natalia Hair by LaViere @ Collabor88

*Blush by Evian

*Timeless Poses by D.Luxx Poses

Thanks .:JellyBeans:. x