Dressed down bling

Sequins 3 (2)Hihihihi…popped into SL for the bling!! This skirt..eeeps…is just something else…These pics are not great…I was faffing with windlights and but good enough to see the awesome sparkles in the skirk….looks better dressed down!

Sequins 2 (2).png

sequins.pngBella Sequin Skirt by Tres Blah, Hair flower by Glam Affair (both at Collabor88), Bracelets by Cae, Half Shut Eyes Hair Exile, and Knotted Tee by Tee*fy.  Sandles Pure Poison.  Skin also by Glam Affair.    Shape my own although you can always try one of my shapes by :.:Fudge:.: on MP. Body Maitreya.  Poses Marukin. Sandals @ Pure Poison.


New Sassy Shape @ :.Fudge:.:

Sassy Shape AD  (2)

SASSY Shape @ Fudge

When I started playing with this face I wasn’t sure where it was heading!  But I ended up with a confident looking face with slight edges which suits those who have grown up a little and know what they want!

Kinda sassy! 😀

Sassy Shape DEMO     To Buy

I like this face and hope you do too.  Looks good with mesh bodies and I have included 5 Standard sizes in the pack so you can take your pick.

I used Katra Skin by Glam Affair – you should find this skin at the Mainstore.  I appreciate that many of the skins Aida releases are one off exclusives….but this shape will also suit other brands too!.  Sassy is Modifiable so you can play around as you wish.


JellyBeans x

New fayceee – RAMONA Shape

Ramona Shape AD.png

Gawwwgussss face for your mesh bodies.  Youngish, delicate face with a touch of sophistication and a do not mess with me coolness.  Try this shape with the skin of the moment – Caroline Skin by Glam Affair.  I like this face in Pink Fuel and Lara Hurley Skins.  For a quirkier look, try the Skinnery! 😀

DEMO to try.

What was I listening to?  Ding ding ….this:

~:Cute undies

CA LingerieI can’t resist fringed hair!…(or *bangs* as you call it).  And I am very impressed with Chocolate Atelier’s Lingerie atm. She has included a number of appliers, including Maitreya so really…no excuses!  You need to get this adorable set!  I love the sporty looking panties…hides a multitude of sins in RL too 😀

CA LingerieYou can find this floral Romane lingerie set by Chocolate Atelier at The Season’s StoryJoy Shape is by :.:Fudge:.:.  (modified – wider eyes, bigger lips).  Moon Necklace by ARISE @ Project Limited.  Laura Sandals by Pure Poison @ The Season’s StoryQuiet Waters Hair by Exile @ Collabor88.  Poses by An Lar . Eyes by Mayfly

x ~JellyBeans~ x

:.:Daytime and after dark

Daytime look——->


After dark (sophisto) —–>

Jumpsuit LP

After dark (funkaay) —-> The Exile hair ~ Collabor88~ comes in 2 styles. Edgier style below.

PunkyCouldnt decide which look I prefer so you are getting both! 🙂

The Daytime snaps were taken at Lelutka Sim…which has been revamped since I was last there.  Looks very smart.   And…I see there are new mesh heads (I have been out of the loop so missed the inital flurry).   I confess I tried them on (and freaked out slightly cos I saw an Auntie in them..*chuckles*) – Each to their own.  Nothing should detract from their wonderfulness…nor the talent behind them. But still… I prefer the old chubby baby face for now.    🙂

Anyway…you will find the fabulous Katra Skin by Glam Affair @ Collobor88, as well as this gorgeous Hair by Exile. Little Beige Top is Tee*fy (Also Collabor88) and the Ribbon is Tres Blah (Collabor88).  The Jumpsuit with Suspenders is by Le Primitif (at The Seasons Story).  Sunnies are made by Miamai (from a selection).  Poses are Marukin. Bracelet is by YS&YS @ The Dressing Room Fusion. Jeans are Pixicat and Romantique Bracelets (top pic) are Cae.  JellyBeans xx

:.: Pretty up your Eye shape!

JB Profile

Hi there!

If you followed the last post you may have seen that I am giving a few little hints on how to pretty up your shape! These are simple little adjustments which can *either* be on your usual shape or if you want a look similar to the one below, then feel free to start off with the Jane Starter Shape Pack!

Jane After

The Jane Starter Shape Pack   contains a pack of 5 Standard Sizes Shapes. I started the collection from scratch and simply smoothed out all the unappealing features you get in the default shape.  So you begin with a face that only needs a few minor changes to look awesome!  These are great starter shapes which you can personalise in varying degrees depending on the look you want to achieve 😀


One if the key features where there has been slight *overemphasis* (in my view anyway) are the feline shape eyes.  The super slanted eye shape can look haughty and rather diva-ish which suits some people.  But if you want softer eyes then try the simple tricks outlined below.

Firstly, PLEASE invest in a great set of eyes!  Really, nowadays, you do not need to wander around SL wearing dull, bland, noobie looking eyes.  There are some fantastic eyes out there, including Mesh Eyes which are often HUD controlled to allow you to adjust size, pupils and whites of eyes etc. A decent set of eyes can look startlingly realistic and very beautiful.

Consider getting eyes from any of the following:

Mayfly, Poetic Colors, IKON Eyes, Skinnery, Insufferable Dastard, Buzzeri, A.S.S, Dead Apples etc.  These are just a few you can try.  I appreciate many of you will already be familiar with these brands so please forgive me if I am stating the bleedin’ obvious.  😀

Feline Eyes Hmmm……bit “harsh” aren’t they?

Narrow Slanted Eyes

Soft Slanted Eyes: Cute….. ❤ ❤

Soft Slanted Eyes

Soft Round Eyes: Adorable….. ❤ ❤ ❤

Soft Round Eyes


To get the Soft Slanted Eyes or Soft Rounded Eyes:

1. Right Click your Avatar and Click on “Appearance”, then “Edit Shape”

2. Locate your “Eyes” Tab and reduce a couple of notches your Eye Size , increase the Eye Opening, and reduce the Outer Eye Corner.  You can adjust these 2-3 digits at a time on your Jane Starter Shape to achieve the looks above.  It is as easy as that!


Cassia Skin @ Glam Affair

Young and Beautiful Hair @ Exile (Top Pic)

Halo Hair @ Lamb

Blue eyes @ Mayfly

Zoey Black Blossom Lingerie @ Blacklace

I hope that was helpful!

Next time: Pretty up your lips!


JellyBeans x

:.:Stunning gown

M Gown Brown3 M Gown in Brown M Gown Brown2

This is an amazing Gown (Irene @ MIAMAI)..entirely mesh and the detail is pretty extraordinary.  Am a tomboy at heart but have embraced my girlie side and really love dressing up.

I made this windlight..basically CALWL with a tinge of blue.  Makes pics brighter and it brought out the sheen in this gown.

I won’t run through the credits one by one as I am shattered and need my kip…please see the tags.



:.:Cool dash of lime*

Miamai Dress Lime

Little dash of lime in this simple but pretty gown for those looking for a romantic look. Actuallllly, I don’t think I have ever been to a ball (!)….perhaps this is something that needs to be remedied very soon!  😀 Other colours available including black.  And isn’t this Harley skin by Pink Fuel a peach?  it is incredibly pretty and soft, with the trademark exotic eyes.  Most of you are wearing it too I see! 😀 Credits below:

*Hareya Gown in lime @ MIAMAI (New) Thank you Momo <33

*Harley Skin in 03 by Pink Fuel @ Arcade Gatcha

*The Longest Night Hair @ Exile

*Early Frost Eyes @ Poetic Colors

*Poses (my own)






:.:Bronzed Ink


Few bits and pieces I put together and one or two old favorites <33


I wanted to try this Pink Fuel Ink lipstick on a darker skin…I think it has worked really well!


*Ink Lipstick by Pink Fuel  (MP Special $75)

*Ava Skin in 06 (Best Buy Selection) @ Belleza

*Eyeshadow @ MOCK

*Eternal Eyes in Green @ IKON

*Untouched Hair in Swiss @ Exile

*Bronze Luxure  Corset @ Miamai (this is a MUST have)

*Charm Leather Necklace @ KUE (previous Cafe Hunt)

*Inner Sexy Pose @ ZZANG


JellyBeans x

:.:Stunning Coat!


LisaCoatMiamai2Wow…mesh coats do not get better than this!  This is the Lisa Coat @ Miamai.  I am really quite balled over by these creations.  Everytime I put something on I think..omg awesome! It really is not an understatement that these tasteful,  original mesh creations are worth every single penny/cent spent on them. Several colors available so you can indulge on your fav..this is the Black & Pink version.  Delicious 😀


*Lisa Mesh Coat in Black  @ Miamai (New!)

*Claire Shape @ :.:Fudge:.: (Group Gift)

*Hair for Sway in Vanilla by Exile (Together for Sway Event )

*Hat @ C’est la Vie (top & middle pic)

*Pants Gangsater  @ SAKIDE

*Amberly Skin in Frostbite 01 by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

*Pearl Eyes @ Poetic Colors (Gift)

Bottom Pic:

*Lisa Mesh Coat in Pink @ Maimai (New!)

*Critters Hat Cat Black @ Arcade Gatcha

*Taylor Hair @ LaViere

*Poses (my own)


JellyBeans x