Pr!tty Hair Dang..I love Pr!tty. This hair is part of a large bundle of gifts which she has out in her Mainstore.  However, she is currently renovating…so you will arrive on a snowpile.  But if you are smart…do your *thang*…aka *cam* and you will find it nearby.  Thank you to Karla!

If you are wondering what skin…it’s Caroline by Glam Affair plus lots of layering of shadows and lippies!  The face is my own…a podgy version of the usual but you can find similar at :.:Fudge:.:

Knot Tee is by Tee*fy.

Toodledoo.  JellyBeans x


PROMO* Faye Shape by Fudge

Faye Shape @ Fudge

Cute shape, PROMO* Price as a little intro to :.:Fudge Shapes:.:

DEMO to Try.

LINK to Purchase.

MEDIUM Sise, C/NM/NT.  You can IM me in World or leave a comment if you wish to purchase the MOD version.

❤ ❤ ❤


Spellbound HairGosh well, I feel simultaenously lolita-ish and wildly sophisticated in this look.  This hair is so amazing it will make you an instant fan of BIG HAIRRRR! (if you aren’t already). Tremendous fun to wear <33

Anyway,  the clever builds designer from Poetica has translated those skills into designing hair..and it is nothng short of *Spellbinding*…as the brand name entails. This is one is called Forgotten and you can find it at +Spellbound
And Mochi of Pink Fuel has gifted her customary pink pouty lips as a Group Gift.  Do get as these lips are awesome! Romy Skin @ Glam Affair.  Lashes by Ploom.  Nolly Shape is from :.:Fudge:.:   (coming soon!)



.: New Isabelli Shape @ :.:Fudge:.:

Isabelli ShapeADVERT

Pretty, girlie, feminine  ISABELLI Shape from :.:Fudge:.:

 Modifiable and with 2 Sizes (*Medium & *Small for mesh-wear   which you can tinker with to suit).  Really lovely face on this shape which I hope will make you feel gorgeous!  Tested  on few other skins and Isabelli looks super cute in many of the quality skins you will find on the GRID.

I named this shape after the lovely Isabelli Anatine (who very kindly gifted me this beautiful Snowflake Corset Lingerie Set from Blacklace. (part of the Random Payback Gift Challenge in Plurk) Thank you so much Isa!

If you would like to DEMO this shape, please check out the link below!



Thank you!


JellyBeans x