:.:Plastik fantastik!


Plastik Outfit

Wow, what The Plastik provides in her Fifty Linden Friday packs is not just *one* outfit but a whole dress up box of goodies!  Aikea Rieko  is super talented and her textures are incredible. Seriously.  Her creations are high quality and she is the goddess of fantasy skins and outfits.  Do check out her items when you get the chance :D

I have mixed the items a little but this is part of the Alva Outfit pack which contains jewellery, dresses, leggings..the list is endless!  And the Cameal Horns pack which contains horns, jewellery, bellychains and chokers –  both only  $50! I am sooo thrilled with these items that I decided to shout from the rooftops (“go get!!”) and I hope you will likewise support her too!  Check out the horns below..beautiful arent they? I hope we see  Aikea in more events! She keeps a very low profile but it would be lovely for her to get recognition and support she deserves < 33

Plastik Outfit Horns

Platik Outfit Full

Loook at dem boots!  You can wear them as they are I think so no need for appliers.

Plastik Boots

Do hurry!  Not sure how long this offer will be around for – but you can always get purchase these items at the full price in any event.

I won’t do a full credit list as the skin and hair were featured in the previous post though please note that the .:.Poses:. are BehaviorBody <33

The Plastik has moved SIMS so be sure to hop on the correct link below!

The Plastik Or you can browse on The Plastik on Marketplace


JellyBeans x

:.: Some pixels and some reflections

JellyBeans in LH2

New skinnn. Fae Skin by Lara Hurley @ Uber event.  Beautiful, natural looking skin with gorgeous eyebrows.  I added lots of liner and top layer lashes for a smokey, smexxy effect. The above pic has been edited just for fun but you can see the original pic below.

Fae Skin Original.png

The above seems trivial given what is foremost in the news at the moment. Gazza.   So…a final thought:

Remember. You are free.  You do not have bombs exploding around you.  You have not witnessed your family being blown to pieces in front of you. You are not a child, wounded, maimed, in pain, orphaned, frightened or desperately hungry or thirsty.

Please pray for those who are the same as you and I but whose lives are shattered by war.   Please pray for those caught up in ugly, bitter conflicts which have nothing to do with them. This goes this goes for those living in fear of rockets and who are never far from a bomb shelter. 

There are no winners here.  On either side.  

One of the things that makes us uniquely human is the ability to empathise.  That unimaginable horror.  Please, I ask you, how can any of it possibly be right?  And ultimately, how will any of this lead to peace?  

JellyBeans x

:.:Hello Sunshine

NYU Sunshine1

Oh good lord it has been awhile!  Hello all! I took these piccies over the weekend having rediscovered my love of yellow!  Woah..pretty colour, and I particularly loved the style of this Dress from NYU.  (Cheap as chips on FLF).  And if you missed it, do try the mainstore. <33

NYU Sunshine2

I sorta threw the look together and rather  liked the red hair/yellow combo in particular. Verrrrry 60’s.   I am blogging from memory so do please forgive me if I don’t recall *al*l the items. If you need further info please ask in the comment section.

NYU Sunshine3


:.:Sunshine Dress:: by NYU (FLF)

:.:Halo Hair:.:by Lamb

:.:Peeptoe Shoes:.: by Gos

:.:Unicorn bag:.: by Miamai

:.:Striped Shoper:.: by 2PM

:.:Cassia Skin:.: + Lipstick by Glam Affair

:.:Poses by Behaviorbody

:.:Eyes:.: @ Poetic Colors








Classic white and black mix..a firm favorite in RL too.


:.: Virgie Hair by Damselfly @ The Dressing Room Fusion

:.:Coral Skin by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

:.:Shape by :.:Fudge:.: (see Marketplace)

:.:Romy Goddess Lipstick @ Glam Affair

:.: Pale Onyx Eyes @ Mayfly

:.:Floral Headband by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

:.:Leather Hlater Top by Girl Thursday

:.:Venka Pants in White by Miamai

:.:Anrol Poses @ BahaviorBody (Sunday Gift)

:.:Pink Milkshake



Milkshake..da yummm…is there anything more delicious? To get this pinkie effect I modded one of CodeBastard’s Windlights (look for the rouges)…if you haven’t played with the rouges, do because you end up in the pink <33.  More pinkness below:



:.:The look:.:

|Yumi Hair| by Spellbound (The Big Show)

| Sakura Hairsticks|by Aitui (FLF)

| Romy Skin and Lipstick|by Glam Affair

| Romper|by Zennith (Kustom9)

| Angel Eyes|by Buzz (Kustom9)

| Peepshow Shoes|@ Gos

| Poses|by Coucou and Marukin

| Butterfly Lashes|@ Miamai

| Milkshake|by Tentacio @ Kustom9 (Gatcha)

| Nailpolish|@ KOSH (Gift – might still be there!)




Spellbound HairGosh well, I feel simultaenously lolita-ish and wildly sophisticated in this look.  This hair is so amazing it will make you an instant fan of BIG HAIRRRR! (if you aren’t already). Tremendous fun to wear <33

Anyway,  the clever builds designer from Poetica has translated those skills into designing hair..and it is nothng short of *Spellbinding*…as the brand name entails. This is one is called Forgotten and you can find it at +Spellbound
And Mochi of Pink Fuel has gifted her customary pink pouty lips as a Group Gift.  Do get as these lips are awesome! Romy Skin @ Glam Affair.  Lashes by Ploom.  Nolly Shape is from :.:Fudge:.:   (coming soon!)





Impossibly pouty..reminds me of my sulky teen days except I probably didnt look quite as pretty lol.

I think its the last day of the Skin Fair.  I didn’t get as many skins as I had hoped.

And thank goodness for great skins huh?…We would all be wandering around looking pretty fug otherwise :D

This is Romy Skin by Glam Affair btw.  And..check out me with an old and much loved hat circa 2012..my Sleeepy Eddy Hat!  Still an old fave..hope he makes it in mesh some day.

Incidentally, the Eyes are $60 at Mayfly.  Special offer limited to this weekend only so go get!

JellyBeans x

:.:Crazy Jeans*

Miamai TattooBF Miamai TattooCollage

How fantastic are these Leather Mesh Jeans?! I popped along to Crazy and 
she has an incredible fatpack of 2 collections in leather or jean. LOTS of colours! 
Both amazing value at $150. Love them!  
Such a cute bottom too!   And this Ordoroe Tattoo @ Miamai is for die hard tat lovers.  Will certainly get you noticed :D



:|Mesh Leather Jeans|: @ *Crazy*

:|Ordoroe Tattoo|: @ Miamai

:|Abi Shape|: @ :.:Fudge:.:

:|Romy Skin|: by Glam Affair

:|Hair and Floral Hair Piece|: by Pr!tty (TDF)

:|Shoes|: @ Gos

:|Poses|: @ ZZANG

:|Bra|: for modesty by 20.0

:|Onyx Eyes|: @ Mayfly








::Miamai Group Giftie

Miamai Group GiftBlousLovely, casual blouse in aq pretty texture to add a little feminity to your jeans or casual pants.  Group Gift @ Miamai.  You can also get it from the Subscribo.

I also found these cute Glitter Mesh Lashes from Miamai..they are very easy to adjust and look super pretty on.  Brace yourself for the close up below….smokinn* How pretty are they?!  Sora Skin is by Pink Fuel ($75 only)  I added

Miamai Group Gift2Glitter Lashes



::Divine lace


Lace1Hello :D Haven’t blogged in quite a while but I rustled up this super simple look to cheer myself up a little which contrasts with my rain-soaked bedraggled look.   I arrived home soaked! Got caught in the dreadful torrential storms in the UK which are monsoon like it their proportions.    I mean we always have a lot of rain but this -is -just-blooming-ridiculous.

Anyway, was lovely to escape to SL and play after my hot shower.   I had quite forgotten I bought this Lace Dress by Maitreya at the last Collabor88 round and I am sooooo thrilled to to have found it! Love love lace which I think looks best with minimal accessories *or none in this case lol).  Crashed so the credits are from memory :D 

::: Credits:::

*Lace Dress by Maitreya

*Hair by Lamb @ Collabor88

*Sylvia Skin by Glam Affair@ Collabor88

*Early October Eyes @ Mayfly (Mesh)

Poses my own.