:.:New Chloe Shape*

Chloe Shape by :.:Fudge:.:

Oh good lord it has been awhile! Things have been a tad hectic  in RL.  Booo

BUT I have a new release. This is :.:Chloe Shape:.: by :.:Fudge:.:. I gave her a bit of a smart, though invidualistic  “intern” look (hense the cute headdress :) ) This is a really great shape, with lots of sweet,fudgy attributes, like a cute button nose and pouty mouth.  Overall a very cute face <33

You can try Chloe Shape on Marketplace:

All the styling details included in the pack! JellyBeans <33


:.:Oodles Shape @ :.:Fudge:.:

Oodles Shape

Hi there!

I was a bit bored last night and so made this cute shape for my :.:Fudge:.: Group (no association to the famous Natalie btw <33)  I just happen to love this word.  In the UK it means “lots” ..as in “I had oodles of fun today!” or “I love you oodles!” :D

Anyway, OODLES Shape is available to purchase on Marketlace (Modify Version).  Or if you are a bit skinto you can join the :.:Fudge:.: Group for $50 to get the no modify version.

This outfit is called Pitch by The Plastik!  I blogged part of it yesturday and oh my…you really can have fun with the collection.  Lots of goodies in the pack.  Was on FLF – may still be available if you hurry.

JellyBeans x


:.:Pitch by Plastik

Back View White Light

Nom nom nom…delishhhhhhh outfit…

Front View White Light



Front View White Light

Hi there!

If you haven’t yet picked up this Pitch Outfit from Plastik, you might lose out on what is a pretty awesome collection of mix and match items.  This entire outfit also includes shoes and a hud driven colllar…so really…for $50 it is literally a giveaway!


..:Pitch Outfit:.. by Plastik (FLF)

..:Abi Shape:.. by :.:Fudge:..

..: No Hair:.. by Magika

..:Poses:..by Markin

..: London Fog Eyes:.. by Mayfly

.:Lindsey Skin:..worn with liner and gloss by GLam Affair


JellyBeans x


:.:Pretty-ing up your lip shape

Pretty Lips

Hello again!

This is a little quick tut on how you to *cutie-fy* your lip shape!  Sooo easy!

Firstly, please refer to the Pretty-up Your Shape! and Pretty-ing Your Eye Shape post which provides some tips on how to soften you look, starting with the Eyes.  If you need a starter shape, you can purchase Jane Starter Shapes.   This is a collection of 5 Standard Size Shapes which come modifiable and make it easier to achieve the  final lip shape below.

So…to begin…

Whatever lips shape you prefer, I find less is definately more! (Obviously if you want your lips to look surgically enhanced with full on attitude then by all means max out on your lip shape in terms of width, fullness and size. As you know..in SL anything goes! )

But I wanted to show you what a huge difference little changes can make to your look.

Compare and Contrast:

Below is an example of a biggish pout!

BIG lips: Hard not to notice these……

Large Lips

A side profile to avoid: Sheesh..

Really…you do not need to max out on lips fat to get a big pout!  Try reducing the fat and plumping up on the fullness instead :D (see how to below)

Large Lips Side Profile

Pretty lips: <3 >3

Smoochy lips

Cute Lips: What a difference a little shrinkage makes!

How to get the look above:

You can either twiddle your own shape or use Jane Starter Shape which needs less tweaking.

1. Right Click your avatar and tap “Appearance” and  “Edit Shape” . Use your Camera Controls and Object View to zoom in very close to your face.

2.  Once you are zoomed, Locate the “Mouth” parameter in the options tabs (just below your avatar decripton..)

2. Select “Lips” and reduce the Lip Width to around 6 – 10.  ) Depending on the skin you are wearing (some skins require a wider mouth!).

3. Increase “Lip Fullness” to say 30ish but reduce “Lip thickness” to say, no more than 65.  You can play with these two parameters till you find your perfect pout!

4.Also consider moving your “Lip Position” up to maybe around 35ish..again adjust this until you find the effect you like.

5. Once you are happy don’t forget to rename your new shape before saving!

Other options:  Depending on your style you can play with the lip ratio, mouth corners and lip cleft to get the effect you want.  Always keep Shift at 50 unless you want a lopsided look!

That’s it! Simple little tips but I hope they were helpful.


Aria Skin worn with Romy Lipstick by Glam Affair

Please Hair by Magika (HUD 1)

Deep Skin Eyes in Pale Onyx by Mayfly


Thanks!  JellyBeans x

:.: Pretty up your Eye shape!

JB Profile

Hi there!

If you followed the last post you may have seen that I am giving a few little hints on how to pretty up your shape! These are simple little adjustments which can *either* be on your usual shape or if you want a look similar to the one below, then feel free to start off with the Jane Starter Shape Pack!

Jane After

The Jane Starter Shape Pack   contains a pack of 5 Standard Sizes Shapes. I started the collection from scratch and simply smoothed out all the unappealing features you get in the default shape.  So you begin with a face that only needs a few minor changes to look awesome!  These are great starter shapes which you can personalise in varying degrees depending on the look you want to achieve :D


One if the key features where there has been slight *overemphasis* (in my view anyway) are the feline shape eyes.  The super slanted eye shape can look haughty and rather diva-ish which suits some people.  But if you want softer eyes then try the simple tricks outlined below.

Firstly, PLEASE invest in a great set of eyes!  Really, nowadays, you do not need to wander around SL wearing dull, bland, noobie looking eyes.  There are some fantastic eyes out there, including Mesh Eyes which are often HUD controlled to allow you to adjust size, pupils and whites of eyes etc. A decent set of eyes can look startlingly realistic and very beautiful.

Consider getting eyes from any of the following:

Mayfly, Poetic Colors, IKON Eyes, Skinnery, Insufferable Dastard, Buzzeri, A.S.S, Dead Apples etc.  These are just a few you can try.  I appreciate many of you will already be familiar with these brands so please forgive me if I am stating the bleedin’ obvious.  :D

Feline Eyes Hmmm……bit “harsh” aren’t they?

Narrow Slanted Eyes

Soft Slanted Eyes: Cute….. <3 <3

Soft Slanted Eyes

Soft Round Eyes: Adorable….. <3 <3 <3

Soft Round Eyes


To get the Soft Slanted Eyes or Soft Rounded Eyes:

1. Right Click your Avatar and Click on “Appearance”, then “Edit Shape”

2. Locate your “Eyes” Tab and reduce a couple of notches your Eye Size , increase the Eye Opening, and reduce the Outer Eye Corner.  You can adjust these 2-3 digits at a time on your Jane Starter Shape to achieve the looks above.  It is as easy as that!


Cassia Skin @ Glam Affair

Young and Beautiful Hair @ Exile (Top Pic)

Halo Hair @ Lamb

Blue eyes @ Mayfly

Zoey Black Blossom Lingerie @ Blacklace

I hope that was helpful!

Next time: Pretty up your lips!


JellyBeans x

:.:Pretty-ing up your shape


I thought I would start a little selection of posts on how to pretty up your shape!  I have been meaning to do this for *ages*.

Jane After

Why this post?

Because there are some people may not be aware of the little tricks of the trade that can be used to achieve a *softer* look.  Incidentally, this post is by no means intended to suggest that we all need to look pretty! You can look however you want to look.  Most peeps have a unique look despite wearing similar skins.  However, if you want to create a cuter face then these posts are for you!

Besides, who doesn’t peer at other avatars, and try to glean the real life personality behind the avatar.  Afterall, isn’t that what it’s all about?  Reflecting a little of you?  Which is why refining a shape remains a popular way of acquiring your very own look.

I have been playing with shapes since I first trod in SL .  And I found nothing beats modifying a shape and ending up with a face you love…:D

To begin…..

You can start at the SL evolutionary fuggy SL stage by creating a“Default Shape”.  (Only for the brave :D )

Step 1:

So to begin with I started off with a new shape as follows:

a. Right Click your Avatar and go to “Edit Outfit”

b. Select “Body Parts”

c. On your current shape, Right Click and select “Create New Shape”.  You may wish to Rename it.

The default shape is sadly very unappealing.  And no amount of great skin, great hair, or a nice outfit would ever succeed in making this shape attractive!

You get something like this:

Default Shape (We will call her “Jane”)

Default Jane


If you find this default shape a little too scary and don’t want to go through the initial smoothing out and tidying up phase, I created a set of Jane Starter Shapes (see below). This pack contains the 5 common Standard Sizes (created for wearing with Mesh clothing).

I have taken the default shape and removed all the rather unsavoury aspects  ie the too- huge-eyes, the  wide mouth, disproportionate straight up-and-down boyish-shape, huge feet, even huger hands,  large nose and quite honestly, what I consider to be a rather butch face!

So you can skip this part and get the Starter Pack below. (NB If you cannot afford the $99 – IM in World and I will send it to you for free. Especially if you are new to SL!).

Jane Shape Starter Pack. Find the pack here:  :.:Fudge:.:  These are COPY/MODIFY/NO TRANSFER.

Jane Shape Starter Pack

Next Post:

I will show you how to start pretty-ing her up!

JellyBeans x




:.:Plastik fantastik!


Plastik Outfit

Wow, what The Plastik provides in her Fifty Linden Friday packs is not just *one* outfit but a whole dress up box of goodies!  Aikea Rieko  is super talented and her textures are incredible. Seriously.  Her creations are high quality and she is the goddess of fantasy skins and outfits.  Do check out her items when you get the chance :D

I have mixed the items a little but this is part of the Alva Outfit pack which contains jewellery, dresses, leggings..the list is endless!  And the Cameal Horns pack which contains horns, jewellery, bellychains and chokers –  both only  $50! I am sooo thrilled with these items that I decided to shout from the rooftops (“go get!!”) and I hope you will likewise support her too!  Check out the horns below..beautiful arent they? I hope we see  Aikea in more events! She keeps a very low profile but it would be lovely for her to get recognition and support she deserves < 33

Plastik Outfit Horns

Platik Outfit Full

Loook at dem boots!  You can wear them as they are I think so no need for appliers.

Plastik Boots

Do hurry!  Not sure how long this offer will be around for – but you can always get purchase these items at the full price in any event.

I won’t do a full credit list as the skin and hair were featured in the previous post though please note that the .:.Poses:. are BehaviorBody <33

The Plastik has moved SIMS so be sure to hop on the correct link below!

The Plastik Or you can browse on The Plastik on Marketplace


JellyBeans x

:.: Some pixels and some reflections

JellyBeans in LH2

New skinnn. Fae Skin by Lara Hurley @ Uber event.  Beautiful, natural looking skin with gorgeous eyebrows.  I added lots of liner and top layer lashes for a smokey, smexxy effect. The above pic has been edited just for fun but you can see the original pic below.

Fae Skin Original.png

The above seems trivial given what is foremost in the news at the moment. Gazza.   So…a final thought:

Remember. You are free.  You do not have bombs exploding around you.  You have not witnessed your family being blown to pieces in front of you. You are not a child, wounded, maimed, in pain, orphaned, frightened or desperately hungry or thirsty.

Please pray for those who are the same as you and I but whose lives are shattered by war.   Please pray for those caught up in ugly, bitter conflicts which have nothing to do with them. This goes this goes for those living in fear of rockets and who are never far from a bomb shelter. 

There are no winners here.  On either side.  

One of the things that makes us uniquely human is the ability to empathise.  That unimaginable horror.  Please, I ask you, how can any of it possibly be right?  And ultimately, how will any of this lead to peace?  

JellyBeans x

:.:Hello Sunshine

NYU Sunshine1

Oh good lord it has been awhile!  Hello all! I took these piccies over the weekend having rediscovered my love of yellow!  Woah..pretty colour, and I particularly loved the style of this Dress from NYU.  (Cheap as chips on FLF).  And if you missed it, do try the mainstore. <33

NYU Sunshine2

I sorta threw the look together and rather  liked the red hair/yellow combo in particular. Verrrrry 60’s.   I am blogging from memory so do please forgive me if I don’t recall *al*l the items. If you need further info please ask in the comment section.

NYU Sunshine3


:.:Sunshine Dress:: by NYU (FLF)

:.:Halo Hair:.:by Lamb

:.:Peeptoe Shoes:.: by Gos

:.:Unicorn bag:.: by Miamai

:.:Striped Shoper:.: by 2PM

:.:Cassia Skin:.: + Lipstick by Glam Affair

:.:Poses by Behaviorbody

:.:Eyes:.: @ Poetic Colors